Let us help you conduct your classroom walkthroughs and organize/analyze your walkthrough data. We are one of the simplest multi-platform walkthrough systems available. Conduct your walkthrough, hit submit and an email will be sent to the teacher.

The most powerful feature of EZ-Walkthrough is the data view that is provided to building principals and central office administrators. Our charts provide the opportunity to analyze data at a glance. Principals can see patterns in their buildings and the central office can see instructional patterns in the district. Patterns in the data can be analyzed to determine professional development needs in certain areas.

Click the button below to see how simple walkthroughs can be and what the feedback looks like to the teacher with EZ-Walkthrough. We look forward to helping make your classroom walkthroughs easier and more effective.

Demo EZ-Walkthrough

EZ-Walkthrough is Easy

Simply login, record your observations and submit the walkthrough. That's it! We will build the form your district uses and you will be ready to walkthrough.


Use any device (iPhone, Android or laptop) with a web-browser to conduct fast and easy walkthroughs.

Access the walkthrough system and data from anywhere and on anything with an internet connection. EZ-Walkthrough is password protected - your walkthrough data is safe and secure but accessible.

Immediate/Archivable Feedback

An email will be sent to the teacher and you will have access to the data immdediately. Teachers can then easily archive their feedback by saving the email in an evaluation folder. Administrators can analyze patterns in the walkthrough data.